The Center for Regenerative Nanomedicine is developing exciting programs designed to catalyze creative research in regenerative nanomedicine, advance translational technologies developed at Northwestern, and build strong broad-based relationships with global leaders in this research arena.

The center sponsors three types of programs: Catalyst Awards to support vanguard research on regenerative nanomedicine, Networking Events and Activities designed to connect the IBNAM community to other researchers at the cutting edge of the field throughout the US and global community, Facilities support to fund the acquisition of new instruments for the IBNAM Core Facilities which enable this transformative research.

CRN's research priorities focus on:

  • Fostering high-impact translational science in any area of regenerative nanomedicine;
  • Advancing to the clinical trial stage technologies developed at Northwestern University and applicable to regenerative nanomedicine; and
  • Supporting preliminary data acquisition for innovative research in the field of regenerative nanomedicine.

CRN catalyzes new research in regenerative medicine using nanotechnology strategies.